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Vi älskar våra barn men civilisationen…

Så sant — och så svårt att befria sig ifrån.

”[…] we profess to love our children, but for many reasons, including ignorance, we do things that harm them to the core. No civilization that really loved its children competently would build so many shopping malls and highways, nor would it saturate their bodies with hundreds of carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and mutagenic chemicals. Babies arrive ”pre polluted” in the words of the President’s Cancer Panel.

Such things are not acts of love, but of ignorance perhaps or ignorance driven by greed. Whatever the cause, the solutions all have to do with designing the human presence in the world to include fewer malls but more parks, more poetry and fewer advertisements, more windmills and fewer smoke stacks, more bike trails and fewer freeways, more schools and fewer military bases, more childcare and fewer tax breaks for the Koch Brothers, more solar collectors and no nuclear plants . . . the point is that any decent civilization that intended to hang around for a while would put its children first, just like we say we do.”

— David W. Orr


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