Jag tänkte skriva något smart om mina nyårslöften men eftersom de inte är färdigformulerade så bjuder jag på en viktig lösning på många problem som man kan dras med: ge upp.

  • Give up trying to be cool.
  • Give up your golden handcuffs.
  • Give up wanting to be a famous musician, artist, architect, thinker, writer, whatever-it-is. Maybe it’s smarter to make your purpose to have an impact, instead.
  • Give up wanting to be different for the sake of being unique.
  • Give up trying to be perfect.
  • Give up keeping relationships with people you don’t really like.
  • Give up trying to be the center of attention.
  • Give up trying to be important. (Focusing on community is usually more fulfilling.)
  • Give up achieving a lot of ego-driven goals.
  • Give up trying to be super-focused. Sometimes the most compelling ideas come from the most messy, unexpected sources.
  • Give up trying to be indie.
  • Give up trying to popular.
  • Give up caring about owning a lot of cool things, which keep you distracted from acknowledging that you don’t like what you’re doing with your life.
  • Give up trying to have a perfectly organized workspace and a zero inbox.
  • Osv.

    Hela artikeln ”The Best Way to Solve a Problem: Give up” hittar du på Illuminated Mind: http://www.illuminatedmind.net/2008/12/11/the-best-way-to-solve-a-problem-give-up/