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Ruminative Brooding and Catastrophic Thinking

In some depressed men their blue mood swamps their thinking, creating a troubled inner silence and wordless suffering that is, however, nothing like inner peace. In other depressed men obsessional brooding takes over instead. The man may brood silently, or he may brood aloud in the form of worrying and complaining. […]

Depressed men often brood about presumably insurmountable obstacles poised to bring their lives to a halt. They brood that their world is going under and that they are going with it. They think constantly about holes in the ozone  layer, contamination of the rivers, or global warming—important issues which, however, they can never seem to stop fretting about. Sometimes their brooding leads to corrective action, but often they make little or no attempt to bring indicated changes about. They do not raise money for charity or become activists for a worthy cause. Rather they just continue to unproductively torture themselves with the sad state of affairs in which they find themselves and the world, and with how helpless they feel about the possibility of ever doing anything to change things.”

— LIFTING THE WEIGHT: Understanding Depression in Men, Its Causes and Solutions, Martin Kantor, M.D.


”Just as you can’t explain to a blind person what ’red’ is, you can’t explain to me what ’peace’ is. I feel like I am missing something essential that others use to function. The phrase ’don’t sweat the small stuff’ is ludicrous, impossible for me, because my very existence is catastrophizing: worrying enormously about small things.”

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